The future is greater than just us and the beer we enjoy.

We want to continue brewing Cisk for generations to come, for everyone to enjoy on our sunny island or anywhere else in the world. 

This is why we implement sustainable practices in our brewing and production processes and are on a continuous journey to reduce our operational carbon emissions.  

packaging for the Future

Brave thinking and bold actions are what make all the difference to our planet. That’s why every single Cisk bottle and can is returnable or recyclable, reducing CO2 emissions, saving energy, and diverting empty containers away from landfill. 

Cisk is also a long-standing and proud supporter of the Coast is Clear Foundation, an all-year-round cleanup initiative dedicated to reducing litter in our seas and on our beaches. Our goal is that no packaging should ever become waste, so please help us out by disposing of your waste responsibly.

Drink Responsibly 
As brewers, we love beer. But we also know that your drinking experience is just as important as what you’re drinking.

Everyone’s alcohol tolerance is different, and some people choose not to drink at all, a decision that should be respected. Your drinking experience is influenced by the amount and speed of consumption, as well as your weight and height. If you cannot control your drinking, it’s best not to drink at all.

Drink Driving
The more you drink the slower your body react to external stimuli, so never engage in “risky” situations where your decisions can impact the safety and lives of yourself and those around you. 

By Maltese law, if you are behind the wheel of a car, the maximum allowable blood alcohol level is 0.08% (bac). For reference, this is roughly equivalent to a single beer or a small glass of wine. But if you want our advice, if you are driving it is safer to not drink at all. For more information and guidance, please visit

Community & Partnerships

Our commitment extends beyond crafting great beer; we invest as much in our community as we do in our brewing process. 

Sports Sponsorships

Part of our mission is supporting local organisations and initiatives that are shaping our future. Cisk has been a proud supporter of Malta's National Rugby Team since 2000, and in 2012, we became the official sponsors of our National Football Team. Besides these, Cisk proudly supports multiple sports activities throughout the year.

Music & Events
We are no stranger to a good time.

From supporting village festas and traditional band clubs to promoting local family-run bars and restaurants, we are proud to have helped our community through the years. 

We are also proud supporters of most local and music festivals. One of the most highly-anticipated and attended events in the local summer calendar, is our own Farsons Beer Festival, an important showcase for top local artists and bands, as well as upcoming talent.

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